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Can anyone describe how to configure a local Citrix printer

We have some users who access Citrix servers remotely and have local printers connected to the parallel port of the work station.

How do you configure OneWorld to access these printers.


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There are two types of printing when running OW on terminal servers - JDE printing and Windows printing.

JDE printing (for printing submitted reports and the like) require a printer to be definted using the P98616 application. In order to add a printer, it must be on the network and must be shared. So if your user has a PC wired to the back of their workstation, they must share the printer in order to print this way.

Windows printing is a lot different. When the user chooses a Print Screen function in JDE, the list of One World defined printers does not show up. Instead, what the user should see is their list of locally definted printers.

If the user doesn't see all of their locally defined printers, one of two things is wrong. First, the terminal server that the user is connected to needs the print driver for that printer. The other thing that I have seen go wrong is that once the Citrix profile is generated, printers that are then added for the user (windows printers) are not always seen. To resolve this, I have in the past had them set all locally definted printers up, then I delete their citrix profile and these printer definitions magically reappear!


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We are currently doing this but first I must inform you that we're running Windows 2000 advanced server with Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.0. Our OneWorld is XE SP15_010.

First you need to install the printer driver of the client's locally attached printer on the terminal server. Remember though, you're just adding the driver - there's really not going to be any printer actually attached.

Easy enough, just open Control Panels - Printers - Add Printer.

Choose "Local Printer"
Select the same LPT port that the client is using for the local printer. In other words, if the client has the local printer attached to LPT1 then choose LPT1 on the terminal server.

Make sure you load the SAME driver that the client is using.
Finish the printer setup.

The next time your client logs on, Citrix will see that it has the same driver as the client and should successfully make the connection and ultimately print.
By the way ,we had another problem regarding Windows printing.

First of all, we had successfully add a dot-matrix printer driver attached
to a site's client Workstation to the Terminal Server(running on Win 2000
Adv Server with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 ). No problem printing from Acrobat

But when we do the same to a network printer which is connected to a NT
print server in our remote site, there are a few error message prompt by
Acrobat Reader. Those messages are:
1. " Could not start print job "
2. " Write Error"

Anyone out there who had experience this please advice.

Thank you
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I would suggest that anyone using Citrix with One World, visit the site for what is probably the best Citrix resource on the
web. I find this site, and the associated mailing list an invaluable
resource for Citrix configuration and issues.

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