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Has anyone integrated Chase PaymentTech with JDE E1? Interested in discussing your technical approach to the automated communications going between E1 and Chase PaymentTech for authorizations and settlements.

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We used to have a consumer BSSV to connect Chase PaymenTech. We do not call PaymenTech directly anymore because of PCI compliances. We call PaymenTech thru PayConnex now. The communication between E1 and PayConnex are all token ID numbers, not the credit card numbers. We do not see credit card numbers anymore in our system.

We sell our product thru our Web. We are not in a service industry. It means that we cannot charge the customers' credit card until we ship confirm our product. If we can only ship confirm partially, then we can only charge customers' credit card only ship confirmed amount.

Here is what we did at the sales order creation:
1) Our Web page calls customized Sales Order Manager BSSV.
2) Sales Order Manager BSSV call Sales Order MBF
3) Sales Order MBF calls B0000955. This is a JDE object, but it is design to customize.
4) B0000955 calls our consumer BSSV to PaymenTech to do only Authorization. You need to do authorization on full amount regardless the order is backordered or not.
5) We saved all the credit card transaction information in F004201 with PaymenTech token ID.

Here is what we did at Ship Confirmation.
1) We used batch ship confirmation.
2) Once the ship confirmation is completed, it updates F004201 status to 05.
3) At night, we called our custom UBE to process all the credit card transactions at the status 05.
4) This custom UBE calls PaymenTech do Pre-settlement. We used the function CAPTURE.
5) Then PaymenTech has a job to do the final settlement.

We also developed a custom business function to calculate Tax and Freight amount based on the customers’ address. This is because some state do not have tax for freight. For example, Texas adds tax to freight amount, but California does not add tax to freight amount.

We also developed custom business functions to handle backorder and partial shipment scenarios.

We also developed a custom UBE to Re- authorize the expiring authorization. In our case, the authorization expires in 7 days. If we cannot ship confirm sales orders in 7 days, we had to do Re-authorization.

We also developed a custom business functions to handle sales order modifications case.

We rolled back sales order if the authorization failed.

Our customer support center can enter a credit card transaction thru P4210 and P42101. In this case, our interface was slightly different, but most of the thigs are same,.

Hope that this will help