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Changing Tab Sequence

On the Purchase Order Receipts form W4312A, the tab sequence starts at G/L
Date (on the top right of the form). We never change the G/L date and so
the user always has to tab through to (or click in) Rec Opt (Receipts
Options), which is the first column in the grid. I would like to change the
tab sequence to start in Rec Opt.

Does anyone know of any problems with doing this?

Thank you,

Michelle Dulay
ERP Coordinator
Goodrich Aerospace
Chandler Evans Control Systems
email: Michelle.Dulay@goodrich.com

OneWorld B7322 with the MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent with World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 Enterprise Server
Windows NT SQL V6.5 Deployment Server
SynQuest V5.07.02
NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)

If you can get it to work - PLEASE tell me how you did it. I have tried to
change ours for the VERY same reasons. The tab sequence changes will
validate but it doesn't work - at least for me. Tried in 7321 and now in
7332. We're getting ready to 'down' grade to XE - maybe it will work then!

I was successful in changing the tab sequences on Issues, Transfers,
Adjustments and a few others, but not on Receiving. We have not experienced
any problems with these other changes.

Good Luck!

Cindy Bramon
Denver Water
7332 SP13.3 NT Intel Oracle 81634