Changing Tab Sequence

On the Purchase Order Receipts form W4312A, the tab sequence starts at G/L
Date (on the top right of the form). We never change the G/L date and so
the user always has to tab through to (or click in) Rec Opt (Receipts
Options), which is the first column in the grid. I would like to change the
tab sequence to start in Rec Opt.

Does anyone know of any problems with doing this?

Thank you,

Michelle Dulay
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Hi Michelle,
Always be careful when you plan to change the starting point of the tab sequence on a Form. Maybe, there is some attached logic to it and changing the start point it will be omitted and it could cause faults/problems. My general rules in this situations are:
* Check the Data Item in the Dictionary (Edit Rule, Default Value)
* Check the overrides of the control (Edit Rule, Default Value)
* Check the Event Rules of the control
* etc.

Unfortunately I haven't access to a B7322 system, so I checked our B7331 system and have found the following:
1.) G/L date has an attached logic to its "Control Exited/Changed-Inline" event
2.) G/L date gets a value in the "Dialig is Initialized form event"

Now, I am not sure that will 2nd trigger the 1st event when you tab out from the control. The best way to guess it to debug the application.

Please, check your B7322 situation and let us know the results. Thanks.


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