Changing Sold-To Customer in Sales Order After Partial Ship/Invoicing


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A Customer Service Rep today asked me to change the Sold-To customer on a Sales Order because the program wasn't allowing here to do it.

That's because a couple years ago I put in a mod to disable changes to the Sold To customer number if any of the lines on the Sales Order were past invoicing.

I know I had a good reason for doing that. One is that the invoice print program (R42565) looks primarily at the SO Header table for that information and any attempt to reprint invoices made before the customer change would show the wrong customer information. However, there must be other, better reasons for my telling this CSR that she had to cancel 50 lines and reenter them on a new Sales Order (with the right customer).

Will A/R adequately handle willy nilly changes to SO Sold To Customer numbers without any controls or is my paranoia about giving users enough rope to hang themselves (and me) correct?

Anyone able to answer this?


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Can the CSR copy the old SO instead of typing in all 50 lines? This does not take away the effort of cancelling the old SO, though.

You had a good reason for putting-in the mod not to make the process too flexible to accommodate errors. You would not want to do another mod to cover a rare exception in the process, either.


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I am kind of surprised you had to make a mod. I thought it was that way out of the box. We can't change the SoldTo on an existing sales order either and I don't remember making that mod. In fact we rolled our own copy order process with one of the features being the ability to change the SoldTo/ShipTo on the new order.