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We currently have JDE financials implemented and will be rolling out manufacturing and distribution to our first plant in the fourth quarter. We are in the process of formalizing our change control. Does anyone have any procedures they have developed that they would like to (can?) share? Any suggestions about what worked well or not well would be much appreciated.

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Natalie Chlop
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If THE Change Control you are looking for is strictly related to JDEdwards OW Xe (OMC&OMW), the answer is yes, I developed the main 2 pieces: a procedure & its associated workflow (Visio) diagram. And they are too new therefore I can't say what worked well or not well, as of yet!
Should you be interested in any of them, use this office email address, please: [email protected]
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PS I definitely recommend our Honourable (JDEList Guru) Jon Steele technical knowledge published on his website:
The White Paper document name is "OW Xe ESU Update Procedures"

Or, you may use this shortcut: Xe ESU Update Procedures.pdf

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