Can I Print One Pick Slip for Multiple Sales Orders?



I have a customer who sends 500~600 sales orders per day, my logistics team is having very tough time to handle so many orders.

What I want to do is to consolidate those 500~600 orders by ship-to code. Then the number of orders will be reduced to 4~5.

If there's no such way, what I want to achieve is to print pick slips by ship-to code instead of having one PSN by each sales order.
I know we can use control pick list to have multiple pick slips in a single report, but it help us confirm the shipments easily.

Can anyone help me out to solve this problem?
Control Pick List (R42522) A control pick list has information about the items to be shipped for multiple sales orders. The control pick list
groups the items by item number and sequences them by quantity and location. Control pick lists enable warehouse personnel to fill multiple sales orders efficiently; reducing the amount of
time that is spent locating necessary quantities. The system assigns the pick slip number by location and prints the total number of items for that location.