E9.2 Calling Logic Extension from Logic extension




I begin writing Logic Extension components in Orchestrator. I am very happy with the development-friendly interface.

I have one question : for maintenability purpose, i should like to have modulars components, and it should be great to call a Logic Extension component from within another Logic Exention component.

I didn't find a way to do it, seems it is only possible to call bsfn. I suppose it should be possible to call a logic exention wrapped in an orchestration called by bsfn B98ORCH. I wonder if there is a simpliest way to do it, to avoid creating many orchestrations, and perhaps to avoid overhead possibly impacting performance.

Do anyone knows better about it ?

Kind regards.
In fact we are still at, it's why we don't have this option. We will wait for the newer version to be installed.

Many thanks for your quick and accurate answser