Calling Google Maps



I need to open google maps by pressing a button in JDE application and supplying the address of a certain customer.

I have seen a similar functionality for yahoo maps through JDE which is yahoo web agent but I could not find a similar one for Google.

Appreciate your help.



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I looked at this a couple of years ago and concluded that it could not be done. IIRC the Google API would not accept the paramaters that can be sent.
This might have changed in later versions of course.


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Just use B34A1030.

If you get the URL address of the google maps site and then check to see what the address looks like when you specifically search, you're away.
Maybe you can store this somewhere for each AN8 and feed it in

Pasting this into internet explorer opens my old house in Cardiff

So calling B34A1030 with this in the command line (note the space)

Opens up Internet Explorer AND goes to the same page. You would need to know where the IE exe lives on your server

So all you need is the post code of the address you want and just envoke this BSFN.
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