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Calculate True Lead Times


Active Member
We have been asked for a way to calculate true lead times across all branches.

To give an example, a product is sold in Store 867. They source the product from DC 5309. The DC sources from manufacturing branch BR549. The manufacturing branch stores raw materials in Warehouse QRST. Components are ordered to warehouse QRST from vendor EIEIO.

So, if we are having a promotion in Store 867, I need to calculate how much lead time they need to give in order to ensure everything is ordered in time. So, it has to calculate using the following:

- Lead time from DC 5309 to Store 867
- Packing time for DC 5309
- Lead time from BR549 to DC 5309
- Manufacturing lead time for product
- Lead time from QRST to BR549
- Purchasing lead time for raw materials

From my understanding, the cumulative lead time calculates only the information in the existing branch. So, in branch BR549, I can see the lead time to build the product, but not for the components.

Is there any type of report where this information can be calculated? Even if it excluded the branch-to-branch lead time, I could manage that process.