C BSFN Debugging in Citrix server


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Hi Guys,
We are using JDE XE version and on Citrix server.We have VC++ loaded in citrix server.When we want to debug a single C/NER BSFN, it works good .But when we want to debug a child BSFN directly , skipping Parent BSFN or want to explore from parent to child BSFN's, It is not working properly. Getting errors like active console.exe disabled or some other errors or pointer is not coming to required line. Can you guys suggest me with some docs or guide me on this how to debug a child BSFN directly.
Thanks in advance
Are you using the "W" environment to log in ? Like WDV733 or WPD733 ? More than likely if you're using a W environment, its calling the child business function on the application server. You might want to try using the non-"W" environment and see how that works.