Business Views v. Joined Files on AS/400 and other platforms


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It appears the Business views are dynamically joined so when each applicable
sequel request is done, it goes out and have to join the file for each of
these sequel request.

This requirement seems much more system intensive/slower than desired for a
general fetch especially against non-joined views. Is there a potential way
to have these joins already built, thereby increasing performance?

Can we create these joins under what for application is looking for? Or can
the JDE tool set
not recognize these?

Or is this handled effeciently "under-the-covers" enough and its more of the
application having other filters to look at that the other non-joined
application is not required to look?



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I can't see any problem with you creating a join file. I am sure sql will recognize it and use it when the report is run. you should do a test to make sure the overhead of maintaining the join file are worth any savings you might get or at least make sure this is a report that is run often.

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