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Business Function - Convert numeric to word

Hello All,
Newbie here in JDE.
Just want to ask how can i edit the a business function code?
Im trying to concatenate the "only" word on the last part of the word converted.
Here is the example.
Instead of: Twenty one AND 00/100******************************
It Should be:Twenty one AND 0/100 only******************************

Thank you for all your help.


Assuming you are on JDE 9.0+ version.

jdeStrcat(#Variable,(const JCHAR *)(_J(" only")));

Also, search for jdeStrCat in the Visual Studio option Find->Find In files->Source Folder of E1. You will get multiple examples of concatenations. Select the one most suitable for you , copy to your code and modify as per your program.


Legendary Poster
You may consider modifying/cloning X00500 ConvertNumericValueToWords
Look for the
jdeStrcat(strConverted, (const JCHAR *) _J("/100"));
/*concat "AND ", concat values[1], concat values[0], concat "/100";
add the cents to the end of the line*/

It is at the end of the code.
You just add your ' only' after the _J"/100
Something like this:

jdeStrcat(strConverted, (const JCHAR *) _J("/100 only"));