BU Security Advice Needed


Attention: Security Officers! We are a local/county government and have
about 500 users in 50+ companies in Edwards. During implementation we
elected to secure business units keeping users in one company from accessing
others. However, department users often cannot access information that they
need to make business decisions. For example, when JEs cross companies, BU
security prevents those departmental users from accessing the entry at all.
BU Security is useful in that it protects Payroll information from company
to company and minimizes keying errors by A/P Clerks.

Please share your insight on your BU Security setup and how we may be able
to modify our bu security to allow access to the G/L for financial managers
while protecting Payroll and other sensitive records users with no need for
that information. Is your security setup company by company or by company
and job responsibility?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
We have our payroll files in a separate library and have IBM security on the
We have a situation where we have several companies on our box, but also
several branch/plants, work centers and departments. If you want a person
to cross over into another BU you can create a JDE user called something
like *CROSS. Once that is set up you go to the BU security screen and
define the BU's that you want that user to be able to access. Example to

Action Code. . . I
User ID. . . . . *CROSS

- File ID. . . . .

File Name . . .Business Unit.
. .
ID From Thru

10 10

15 15

The *BLANKS is necessary. This was the only way we could get it to work.
Good luck.
I forgot to add that you can determine what BU's a user accesses by giving
the user a User Class/Group like the one you created (like *CROSS). We
currently have about 20 different class/groups, and it is working out quite