BSSV - WebLogic vs WebSphere


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We are in the process of migrating to WebLogic and I just completed the install/configuration of BSSV over WebLogic 12c. One of the things we noticed was that the WSDL URL is now different than it was in WebSphere.

For ex,

WebSphere: http://<server_name>:8193/PY910/RI_AddressBookManager/RIAddressBookManagerService.wsdl

WebLogic: https://<server_name>:8193/PY910/AddressBookManager?WSDL

For us this would mean a lot of code changes on the 3rd party products which have these WSDL URL's hard coded. Is there a way in WebLogic to keep the URL's same as WebSphere?

Any inputs will be very helpful.