BSFN does not link into parent DLL


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Hi List,

I have been seeing the following situation more then once and would like the
opinion of some experts on this.
Whenever a business function was not included in a full server package it
cannot be sent to the server through an update package.
In other words: if I build a new BSFN, with an already existing parent DLL,
and send this BSFN to the server (update package), it compiles, but does not
get linked into it's parent DLL. This even happened to me with an original
JDE BSFN that had not been linked into it's DLL due to compilation errors on
the server during a full package build. I was only able to link it into it's
parent DLL through another full package build.
I have seen this at least on AIX, HP, and NT platforms.
Has anybody else seen this? Or could anybody tell me the contrary? Could
this be ES-platform dependent (the compile and link commands are heavily
platform dependent)? If my observations were
I have also seen some curious things that may be related to this issue.
If I create a new table and design table trigger to it it is not
compiled with Build All. The reason is that when I create the new
trigger F9860.sipardll is not updated whith 'JDBTRIG' so the system
cannot find the functions belonging to that dll.
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Gergely Pongrácz
Synergon, Hungary
Yes, SQL is a useful thing... I didn't need Response Line to find out...
Gergely Pongrácz