'Bootstrap Table'


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\'Bootstrap Table\'

I am trying to figure out a problem with a custom pathcode/environment that
went south after applying SP16/Update2. Does anyone know what the
'bootstrap' table is that every environment has to hit when it is starting
up? What I mean is that all environments must hit at least one common table
to find where to go next.
I would think that the first table hit would be F98611, where it would
then locate the appropriate locations for the control tables for the
environment that is being logged into. Is this correct?


Xe, SP16/Update2, NT, SQL7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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Re: \'Bootstrap Table\'

Hi John,

The first place OneWorld looks is the DB SYSTEM SETTINGS in your client JDE.INI file to find the location of your Base Data Source (your System tables). It then connects to this datasource to locate the OCM table (F986101) and Datasource Master table (F98611), and looks up and caches your environment-specific OCM mappings.
For more details of all the other tables hit during signon switch-on logging and check your JDEDEBUG.LOG....

Lee Walters
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