Big Table Printed on Next page in BIP-XML report


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Hi I am having an issue with BIP-XML report.
When there few (less than 8) items in the section, table on the report is printed fine. However when there are more lines in the table, first page is left blank and table starts printing on the next page. And of course thats unacceptable users.
I have worst case solution is to have the jde ube itself section (have the black in xml). that means if the shipment number/order number has more part numbers, say 8, jde ube will print xml block again instead of continuing.
However I am looking if there is any page break to resolve this in BIP rather than JDE.

attached is the xml and BIP template.
Any help is really appreciated.

JDE - 9.1
BIP - 11.1 1 6


ps: attached text files needs to be saved as .xml and doc file as .rtf file


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