BI Publisher using the wrong Report Definition


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BI Publisher using the wrong Report Definition

I'm sure this issue is just with my understanding of how embedded JDE BI publisher resolves which report definition to use. But here is my issue.

We currently have a Report Definition setup for our existing ACH print version. It is R554572T version R04ACH1.

There is a Report Definition RDR04ACH that references version R04ACH1.

We have now created a new version of R554572T, R04ACH2. We have also created a new Report Definition RDR04ACH2. The setup screens are attached.

However, when we run this new version R554572T / R04ACH2, we see no output in the Report Definition Output Repository but seen an error on the server. The error says 'Report Definition RDR04ACH uses version R04ACH1 as the source of data. UBE version requested is R04ACH2.'

I thought the the Report name and version on the Report Definition drove which Report Definition to use, yet it seems to be determining that it needs to use the RDR04ACH and is erroring because the versions don't match. That seems backwards to me.

Any thoughts on what is driving this new version to try to use the old Report Definition?

We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.



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Re: BI Publisher using the wrong Report Definition

Found my own resolution on this one. The problem was a step in the setup where you go into your new version's version detail, select Report Definition, then associate that report definition to your version. Since I had copied the version from another, the previous report definition was still referenced. Note that you have to do this on your fat client, not web.