Best practices on Manufacturing WO date change



We are interfacing the JDE manufacturing WO to third party system and updating dates . The WO header dates changes flow to the parts and routing . The scenario that has come come about is the need to change the parts list date once transactions have been recorded on the WO , like inventory issues etc. We run manufacturing accounting every day. Example - WO header original start date - 08/20/15 and requested date 08/21/15. Parts list requested date original is 08/20/15. Parts gets issued on 08/20/15 with expectation that production would start on 08/20/15. Partial production gets recorded on 08/20/15. Due to reasons beyond shop floor control , production does not complete on 08/21/15 and WO is kept active . Third party application now suggests change of start date to 08/25/15 and request date to 08/26/15. If we change the WO header dates , then dates on WO header are 08/25/15 - start and 08/26/15 - requested. The parts list request date also changes to 08/25/15 . Note that there are inventory transactions already booked with date of 08/20/15. Is this good practice or should the start date still be kept as 08/20/15 on the parts list . Cause for concern is how to track back and explain variances etc , when cost updates are run and the dates on ledger / parts list do not match. The G/L will be based on the manufacturing accounting run that runs nightly.

Has anyone faced this scenario and what issues should we be looking for , if we allow the change to all parts list dates.



E1 9.1 Tools 9.1.3 IBM iSeries