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Base Edwards Order Processing


Hello all,

The company I work for is researching how much effort would be needed to go back to base Edwards. Our list of customizations is larger than we would like, especially since we are looking to upgrade within the next 6 months. We currently have a process that gets the order from 524 to 540 and other statuses depending on the particulars of the order, but never beyond 540. What jobs are run in base Edwards to get the order from 524 (Order Entry) to 540 (Pick Slip Print)?



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If you are evaluating the priority of orders when dealing with scarce inventory, you might look into the fulfillment module. This is base JDE, but allows allocation of inventory based on dates, customer priority, order type, and other factors.

We use fulfillment to replace a ridiculous custom, undocumented JDE "order manager", which did basically the same thing, but not nearly as elegantly, or transparently. We use order manager to take orders from 524 to 540. After the order is released from fulfillment, printing the pick slip takes it to 542.