Bar codes for Tag documents



Can someone please assist regarding the following:

Running on Xe and using Advanced warehousing.

When doing any movement in the warehouse we need to print the tag documents
WITH BAR CODE information on.

The BAR CODE must consist out of the 2nd item number (JDE) and the Lot

How do I define this and do Xe support bar codes on tag documents.

Thanks in advance.

There are a number of third party Bar Code solutions that can help you with
your problem, Since you are running Xe, there are only a few companies that
can provide a PDF solution, Enterprise Resolutions is one of those companies
and we would be happy to talk to you to see if we can provide the type of
solution you are looking for. You can either e-mail me or call me at
678-584-1640 if you are interested in learning more.

Best regards,

Chuck Carey
Enterprise Resolutions
Ernst, my name is Rick Bell and Create!form can also help you with your
problem. The difference with us is that we our JDE XE certified. We are
certified in OneWorld including XE. If interested, please contact me at
888-295-8595. I would be happy to just send information to you.

Best Regards,

Rick Bell
[email protected]
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Does anyone else tire of seeing these advertisements ? May i suggest that the people who are harvesting this list please reply to the person's email address and if they have not included it in their profile maybe post a message saying "please post your e-mail address".
Also, Rick Bell, if you will continue to post on this list please run your messages though a syntax checker. it is not "we our jde certified" it is "we are jde certified". if you are harvesting this list you look foolish when you cannot complete a simple sentence properly.....or perhaps you just got a little excited over the prospect ???

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I reviewed both posts and these guys followed the mailing list
guidelines (which is rare). I agree with you that it is preferable that
vendor's e-mail the poster directly rather than post to the list.

Eric Kempter

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RE: RE: Bar codes for Tag documents

Dave(Got to love JDE), you must be pretty bored! Go find something useful to
RE: RE: Bar codes for Tag documents

Your response i thought was fine. i just am not
interested in vendors trying to one-up each other on
the forum like mr. bell was obviously trying to do.
hope you weekend is good too.

--- Chuck Carey <[email protected]> wrote:
> Dave,
> One of the things I like about this service is how
> people genuinely help one
> another. The truth is, that when I read problems
> like this I believe that
> we have a solution, outside of programming, that
> might help someone. If you
> will note, I don't do any hard selling, I just
> simply try to let people know
> that we may have a solution to their problem. I try
> to adhere to the
> guidelines for participating and am sorry that
> responses like mine are
> tiresome for you. One thing nice about this service
> is you have the option
> of not reading them, if you don't think they apply
> to you. As for Mr. Bell
> and other vendors, they will have to respond for
> themselves. I hope that
> you have a good weekend and will keep an open mind.
> Best Regards,
> Chuck Carey
> Enterprise Resolutions

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