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B4200230 F4074 Maintain Price History (F40UI74 - Cache)


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Hello All,

Thanks for reading. In P42101/P421002 we are using B4200230 F4074 Maintain Price History for a custom logic to write record on F40UI74 Cache during order entry. There is a custom button for user to click. I am using the BSFN - B4200230 in Add Mode passing required parameters and it does add the record in cache as required. It works for that scenario. But if there is a Manual adjustment already on the Line, then this BSFN deletes that line and add the custom adjustment using customized code. The OSEQ for manual added line and Custom Logic line are different. So not sure why this BSFN deletes the record in cache.

Ex: Say for LNID = 1 and Line Key = 1 users enters Adjustment = MANUALOVR using the Price History application of JDE. Suppose OSEQ = 600. Now on the same order line = 1 and GC Line Key =1 using custom Button user adds another Adjustment = TAXOVR and OSEQ = 700. Now this new TAXOVR gets inserted but it deletes MANUALOVR adjustment. Not sure why.

If there is no Adjustment = MANUALOVR then everything works fine. Any idea, pointers for this BSFN. I did refer BSFN notes.
Let me know if any additional details required from my side.