E9.2 Automatic Cash Receipts: Known Invoice algorithms

Dana BY

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Hi all,
my question is how to populate table F03B13Z1 for Known invoice without amount algorithm?
We implemented one for Known Invoice with amount but my question is how to do it for second algorithm, and help article is a bit vague about it.

For example we have payment which says us they are paying 200 dollars for invoice 123, 100 dollars for invoice 124 and 300 dollars for invoice 125.
Z table is populated like that:
PaymentID Gross Amount AppliedAmount Invoice
AB 200 200 123
AB 100 100 124
AB 300 300 125

How do I do populate the table for when I get payment with details like: 600 dollars for invoices 123, 124, 125? Help article says not to populate Applied amount but this is all they say. Do I need to put same Gross amount 600 dollars in all three lines? or should I put 600 in first line and 0 in other lines?
Thank you!