Attachments for UBE Reports

Mike Mackinnon

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Does anybody know how to add a "free-form" field onto a report. Would it be
best to add a text attachment or very large text field? What I want to do
is add some text for a record to the bottom of a report and was just
wondering what the best way would be to accomplish this. The text must also
have some sort of format like specific carriage return and an indeterminate
number of lines. Does anybody have any ideas?

I think this was addressed before, but does anyone know how to add a company
logo to a UBE report printout? I'm not sure if this possible in OW RDA but
if anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mike MacKinnon
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You can create font for your company logo (with a font editor software) and use this font in the report at the place where you want see it on the paper.

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