ATP - available to promise

bruno lambey

We are looking for an ATP (available to promise) functionality in JDE E1 9.1 to improve our customer sales order promised ship date . One option would be ask customer service clerk using the supply and demand screen to look the cumul ATP, but this is a heavy process. Any idea on how your company solved this issue ? in case you are using an ATP functionality for your SO promise date? Thanks - Bruno
Hi Bruno

You might get more of a response by placing this question in the EnterpriseOne Applications forum instead of the Technical forum. Just FYI...
You would be looking at Oracle Global Order Promising, which integrates with E1, to be able to provide real time promised dates to customers.
Thank you Jon for the Advice
Thanks you Russel, yes we have heard about Global Order promising, we we are looking alternative solutions, as ATP is a standard JDE calculation with Supply & demand, so might be smart ideas to make the link between S& D and sales order promise date.. Bruno