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My stats are below. I've been hacking my way through a full server package build and have run into a few authority issue. JDE's answer to the problems is that users JDE and ONEWORLD should both have *ALLOBJ authority. That makes any Security Officer cringe (in fact, we are going through a corporate IT audit right now).

Could anyone help me get the proper object authority defined for the objects necessary to do these sever package builds? Perhaps someone could help me to manually simulate a BSFN compile so I don't have to keep making changes and resubmitting the build?

To date, I have set ONEWORLD and JDE in an AUTL for our programmers. I have set 'permissions' to the CRTCMOD *CMD and QCZMSG *MSGF to use this AUTL. That has yielded successful compiles. However, each dll (*SRVPGM) is getting a jde.log with the following errors:
- JDEKRNL_C/C/BUILDDLL2551 "BSFNAUT not found. AUTHORITY was not set."
- JDEKRNL_C/C/BUILDDLL954 "CRTDUPOBJ failed with error message CPF2130"
There are no jobs with job logs on the system. The CPF2130 is the "&1 objects duplicated. &2 objects not duplicated." message.

Can anyone help?

Thanx much

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Xe SP13.1, AS400 V4R3, CO-Oracle806, Co-A73c10, Citrix, NT JAS

This sounds like the same problem we are hoping SP15 will resolve. If you
look at the size of the SVRPGM's from your package and compare them to the
sizes from the last good build you should see that they are quite a bit
smaller because every other object is getting skipped. This should have been
fixed in SP14 but we backed out of that because it created more problems
than it fixed. I am going to give SP15 a try this weekend.

Check out SAR 4727696 on the KG. Good luck.


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