AP Match Voucher to Open Receipt - Where is receiving document stored?


When using the Match Voucher to Open Receipt Program, we sometimes have a user match to an incorrect receiving document number.
I am trying to determine where (which file or which program I can use ) I can see which receiving document number (OV) was matched to a particular AP voucher.

Thank you.

On the Voucher Match (P4314) you can change the Match Type to a 2 and enter the Voucher Number to see the Receipt that was matched. In My Oracle Support there is a excellent document "Using F43121 Match Type Records (Doc ID 626697.1)" that explains the Match Type records in the Purchase Order Receiver file, F43121. This document helps to understand the relationship of the Receiving and Voucher Match Documents. There are several documents in the Information Center: Using JD Edwards World Procurement (Doc ID 1352316.2) that help in the processing of Purchasing in World.

In F43121 the PRDOCO is always the Purchase Order number but the PRDOC will be the Receiver number for a Receipt and the Voucher number for the Voucher Match.
George, thanks for the reply.
I did read the document and looked at my voucher match screen with a match type 2.
In the fold area of the screen, once the voucher is matched, the document number displayed is the voucher number, not the receiver number.
Not meaning to be dense, but I still don't understand where a direct tie between a receiver and a voucher can be seen.
The Type 1 record, Receiver, and the Type 2 record, Voucher, have the same PO Number, PRDOCO & PRDCTO, PRLNID as do the F4311 record. (Just remember the statuses and some of the other information on the F43121 records do not reflect current F4311 information). And if you use Landed Cost there maybe a subsequent record (not sure if Type 1 or 2 as I have not dealt much with Landed Cost) with a Landed Cost Rule entry, PRLAND, to record the Landed Cost. In some of the Dream Writers and World Writers on the F43121 I have seen a select where PRLAND NE 3. Also there could be multiple receipts if partial receipt is processed and then the Number of Lines (PRNLIN) may match the Type 1 to the Type 2 as well (wag). And I am not sure just short of writing a World Writer or SQL extract to show the Receiving Document(s). So my statement that by changing the Match Type to a 2 to see the receipt is not necessarily true :rolleyes:, you just see the PO that was put upon the Voucher number entered.

It seems the Receiving (OV) document is just an Inventory Transaction that records the +/- of Inventory in both the Physical (Cardex) and the Perpetual (G/L) Inventory. Again though the tie in the F43121 is the PO Number and Line between the Type 1 and Type 2 records and I can't seem to find a JDE program display that shows the receiving document(s) that make up the amounts vouchered.