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Alternative Purchase Order Number Options


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To set this up, we are using 9.1, do not use the transporation module, and we have a third party warehouse system. Additionally, we've developed a customized ship confirmation process.

We ship several transfer orders in a single shipment. The third party system creates an invoice number for the shipment. I'm trying to look for a place on the F4311 file where we can store and use that number for the receiving markets. In other words, if I go to the Open PO screen, I should be able to enter the invoice number and pull up all the OT's related to that number. I'm struggling to find such a spot without customizing the Open Purchase Order Screen. Any suggestions?


Hi there, this is a good question. Have you tried the Original Order Number ? If you're using the standard setup for transfer orders you will have the ST/OT setup, so the STs numbers should be stored at the Related Order Number in the PO, maybe the Original is not used. Make sure you've setup the W4310G - Work With Order Details form to be the POs inquires, this will make it easier.


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That's a good idea. Even if we did "copy" an order, it wouldn't be a huge deal to overwrite it with the actual order.

Let me follow up with the team and see if there are any concerns. Thanks for your help!