Add Required Permit Applications Step to Work Order and/or Shipping Process


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Add Required Export Permit Applications Step to Work Order and/or Shipping Process

We export product to various countries. Some of them are manufactured in house and some are done by an outside manufacturer. In some cases, a special permit is required in order to send the product. Some of them need to be applied when the item is made. Others are when the product is shipped. Unfortunately, relying on memory to apply for these permits is becoming a challenge so I'd like to find a way to automate it.

I was thinking of adding an item to the BOM for "permit application". For items produced outside, we'd have to create a manufactured SKU and add the permit application plus the purchased item to the BOM.

I don't know if there is a better or easier way to put this together and am open to suggestions.
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Probably need a bit more information. What is the process of getting the export permit? Do you need to raise a PO for it or do you just fill in the form and send it? Do you need information from the manufacturing process to completed the permit application or do you just need to know the product, quantity and destination?
Thanks for the reply!

I don't believe PO's are needed - although I'm not 100% sure.

In most cases we need a lot number in order to submit the permit application. For manufacturing, our lot number and work order numbers are the same. So, as long as the work order number is in place, we can begin the permit process. For Purchased items, we'd need to wait until the item is received.
There's a few ways you could skin the cat on this one. The method you've suggested has merit. Other ways would be to enable a Quality profile for the items and have a test for the permit. Alternatively you could just use an item cross reference and then have a UBE that runs and identifies any Work Orders / Purchase Orders that match the cross reference and send a notification for the permit. In that instance you would need some way to flag that the notification had been sent but you can do that with either a user defined field or some sort of status on the documents.

Those are just some quick ideas to start off with.