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accessing favorites through carousel | missing data selection / processing options


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Hello All,

We are in the process of upgrading to tools

As a part of our surface testing, one of our end user pointed out that when a report is added to favorites, then accessed from favorites through the carousel, the data selection / processing options are not available.
Can anyone else confirm this ? Is this by design ?



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Jon - Thank you for your reply.
When hovering over the report that is in the carousel's favorite, I do see the report and the custom version listed.
Can you please provide some additional clarity to your feedback ?



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ok - I think your initial post was a little unclear.

When a report + a version is added to favorites, it should "remember" what mode the original menu was set at. Ie, "Prompt for version", "prompt for values" or "blind processing".

I just checked this on my 9.1 instance ( Tools Release) - and I was able to add the R03010Z|ZJDE0001 from another menu, and it correctly prompts for the processing options.