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A/R Statement R03B500X


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We run R03B500X with R5503001 version J001 specified in the processing options. When there is no data, R5503001 version J002 runs and displays "No data selected".

If there is no data, shouldn't the R5503001 version J001 display "No data selected" instead of version J002?

Why is R5503001 version J002 being called when it is not specified in the processing options?

Oracle Support has suggested we installed the below ESU, but we are not sure that ESU will fix the issue.

ESU R03B5005 - JL23283 ESU_JL23896_8/23/16
ESU R03B500X - JL22824 ESU_JL22824_9/30/14

Has anyone run into this issue?

Chan Rana

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Best way is to get logs and check the issue it might be that they use default version somewhere. You can review ESU for that object and check what fix is applied.