2 Reports in 1


Hello All,
I am trying to design 2 reports in one and based on version select which part of the report to run . Can anyone let me know if there is another option other than to give a PO field and based on that select the which one to run. There exists no PO for the this functionality provided by the client.
Thanks in Advance.
The requirement is a little vague really.
Processing Options are the normal means of communicating run-time requirements to a report.
Other options are fairly limited if you are not allowed to add a Processing Option, and all will be much more complex and invasive and less functional than adding a Processing Option.
Some equally vague ideas:
- Convince the client that a Processing Option is the best fit for the requirement
- Behaviour hard coded in your report based on the version ID
- Create a controller app or report and report interconnect data structure, and launch your report via that
- Create a table keyed by the report/version with a flag and an appl that the user can use to update it, and have the report check that to decide how to run

You can use an custom UDC. Say the section you print is based on user then enter the user as the KY in the UDC and section name in the DL01. If it is based on a company then company can be the key. Whatever it is based on can be the key and the section can be in DL01.
E1 will look down through the UBE and fire the Init Section event for the 1st non conditional section it encounters.
Fires the SQL and then does the Page Header before coming back to the Do.

So if you make them both conditional, and have ALL sections conditional, then have your ER code determine which UBE to call by a UDC or control table etc based on the version/user.

If the 2 UBE sections are over a different BSVW, what you may be able to do is prompt the user to select data for runtime selction
Thanks guys for your help . i was able to convince the client on adding PO and control it and completed the report. Appreciate you help