1099 MISC for 2014, pre-printed



I'm having a nightmare with the alignment of 1099 MISC pre-printed version. 1099 blank page version work just fine, but our accounting department would like to have the pre-printed ones. I've been trying to get the pre-printed BIP version to align properly on to the sheet since 3 days, but in vain. I tried to modify the report "R045152" and the BIP template "TP045152TRP1". I know Oracle doesn't support this alignment issues, hence I'm seeking help here. Did anybody succeeded to print the pre-printed sheets of 1099 for 2014, either copy A or copy B? if so, please let me know if you have any tips, which pre-printed sheets did you use and your printer settings.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

For anybody who is wondering how I ended up printing 1099 on pre-printed forms, I've modified the report design in RDA for a version, which doesn't have the BI publisher template attached and it printed fine.