server manager

  1. fbrammer

    E9.0 How to update/reconfigure Server Manager when DOMAIN_HOME is moved?

    We moved a Domain Home (user_projects/domain/E1_APPS). All that is reconfigured and working, but Server Manager is still looking in the old location. Where do we update Server Manager with the new location? Thanks,
  2. Autostarting Server Manager with Windows

    Hi, I'm just looking for information on how to automatically start Server Manger after Windows reboots. JDE 9.2 Weblogic 12c Thanks for any help, Tony
  3. JDE E1 Performance Monitor with Tools Release 898

    We are running E1 811 SP1/Tools Release - with WebLogic Servers, 10.5 (11g) - Server Manager 9.1.2. Refer to link below, as we are in the installing/configuring stage of the RTE Monitor (Transaction Server), which is all being done through Server Manager. However, RTE was setup...
  4. altquark

    Server Manager on Weblogic - time to ditch OC4J ?

    ok - I don't really want to stick my customers' necks out if I can help it - hence the question for a new installation. Do I go with Weblogic or continue with OC4J for the server manager ? I am a little concerned making my deployment server a full-on Enterprise type server by installing the...