Server Manager on Weblogic - time to ditch OC4J ?



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ok - I don't really want to stick my customers' necks out if I can help it - hence the question for a new installation. Do I go with Weblogic or continue with OC4J for the server manager ?

I am a little concerned making my deployment server a full-on Enterprise type server by installing the server manager onto weblogic and keeping it on the deployment server. With my experience with Weblogic so far, I'm unsure at how reliable the weblogic will be once a few package builds/Change assistant errors occur over time !

BUT, on the other hand, I know that OC4J is going to eventually disappear. Over the years, Server Manager (though its got its own quirks) has been pretty reliable on OC4J. Sure, after a couple of months, you might have to restart it - but its quick and simple to restart.

SO - how many people have installed their Server Manager onto WLS already ? Are you installing WLS onto the deployment server for the Server Manager - or are you adding yet another server into the mix for the server manager ?
I have installed it for a couple of clients on WLS. I usually installed it on the same server as JDV and JPY but in it's own WLS domain. I have mixed feelings, it has performed well but I did run into an issue where we wanted to upgrade WLS to the latest supported version for the HTML instances (this was when support for 12c came out I think) but Server Manager wasn't supported on it yet. Dealing with the OC4J is just so easy.
I'm thinking the same thing. OC4J is very easy to implement. There are customers that are very linux-oriented and I think that the WLS option will eventually be the right solution for them - but for anyone that doesn't mind that the Server Manager runs on Windows, OC4J is going to be fine. The problem is, of course, that most customers are going to think that way - and its going to be a steep resistance for adoption to the WLS Server Manager. I'm certain that Oracle will eventually weigh into the debate - more than likely by forcing us all to the WLS / WAS option by eliminating support for the OC4J Server Manager. But I guess we still have a year or so left !