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    Error in deserializing body when consuming getSalesOrder Business Service in .NET

    I follow @ONYX's steps to consume BSSV in .NET Visual Studio: https://www.jdelist.com/vb4/showthread.php/42405-Consume-Business-Service-in-NET/page2 I can getAddressBook and lookupWorkOrders with success. But when I try getSalesOrder it throws an exception: Error in deserializing body of reply...
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    BSSV bad Performance

    Hi Dears, i use "Sales Order Manager " BSSV which is standard one that i use it to retrieve sales orders of specific criteria , actually i create a web portal for company's customers in order to make them login and query about their orders, invoices , and other information. i consume "Sales...
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    How to create VS2015 Class Library or WebAPI, or WCF to consume JDE BSSV WSDL?

    Hi all, This is my first post to the community so please be kind :) I was tasked to create a .NET client to consume these WSDLs: //http://xxx.x.x.xxx:yyyy/DV910/AddressBookManager?wsdl //http://xxx.x.x.xxx:yyyy/DV910/CustomerManager?wsdl I have scoured the usual online resources and could not...
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    Calling JDEdwards 9.1 from .net C#?

    Hi, i am pretty new to JDEdwards integration to C#. We have JDEdwards version 9.1. I am working on ASP.NET application and need to query tables and also call business function from JDE system. 1) Can someone tell me which .net driver i need to download? 2) Also, can you share any sample code or...