BSSV bad Performance


Hi Dears,

i use "Sales Order Manager " BSSV which is standard one that i use it to retrieve sales orders of specific criteria , actually i create a web portal for company's customers in order to make them login and query about their orders, invoices , and other information.
i consume "Sales Order Manager " web service in a web application created on visual studio 2012 with vb language.

the web service returns the data but the performance is very bad ,its took five minutes to return one record .
in the other hand i consume the same web service with the same code through a desktop application and its really good and the response is rapid for a large data .

any one have any idea about the performance of this BSSV ??

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Hi Sarah,

As per your explanation, it looks like it is not the web service problem as it works fine with desktop application.

If I would be you I would check the web server performance in this scenario for this application and any other test application to see how much time it takes to process request