1. Jde IoT Orchestration with Cloud IOT service

    I am able to run orchestration using soap and Orchestration client. Now, I am trying to use out of box integration for jde orchestration in Cloud IOT. Somehow connection is not established with Jde orchestration. Any pointers?
  2. cmisztur

    E9200 Integration Options

    E920 Integration Options Hello. I am a .NET developer trying to fit in the JDE world :p. As we move away from our ancient ERP systems and standardize on JDE we are looking for integration options. Our first attempt has been the JDE-EO adapter within BizTalk. The Java Connector has not been...
  3. IoT Orchestrator Formating issue

    Hello Everyone, I am integrating JDE IoT orchestration with third party application. Third party application providing the following json format. { id="", source="", "payload": { "format": "", "data": { "temperature": 28.25, "EquipmentNumber": 34930.0...
  4. IoT: Ability to update a field on a row in a grid (TR; app release 9.1)

    Hi, I am facing an issue with one of the orchestrations that I am working on my instance. We are running tools release with app release 9.1. The issue is, I am unable to update a particular field in a row. Adding a new row is not a problem. But Orchestration is not working on the...
  5. craig_welton

    Collaborate 2015 take aways

    Hi All I was lucky enough to attend this year's Collaborate conference in Las Vegas and wanted to list a couple of cool topics (IMHO) 1. IoT (Internet of Things) wearables, nearables, Bluetooth LE, Raspberry Pie devices with sensors etc. 2. Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 3. Application...