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Hi All

I was lucky enough to attend this year's Collaborate conference in Las Vegas and wanted to list a couple of cool topics (IMHO)

1. IoT (Internet of Things) wearables, nearables, Bluetooth LE, Raspberry Pie devices with sensors etc.
2. Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
3. Application Interface Services (AIS)

AIS is very intriguing (not that the other 2 aren't). It's a REST server in front of an E1 HTML server that brokers requests to execute JDE applications. Previous integration solutions have been UBEs (batch processing), business function execution (XML call object etc.) or business services (SOAP with BSSV server). AIS is built to leverage the existing logic in JDE applications by allowing the client to fill in form controls, set check boxes, populate QBE columns and press buttons. It is the showcased interface for designing E1 mobile apps so the wheel doesn't have to be re-invented. The mobile app sends the AIS server the request with form actions, the HTML server runs the application and returns the state of the application form (grid rows and all). The mobile app can display whatever data it wants which is obviously much less than a full app because of real-estate. JDE has built a set of java classes and JDeveloper plug-ins to make the development very easy with MAF.

So, very cool but not just for mobile apps. The architecture allows ANY client to connect to the AIS server and send form actions via HTTP POST with JSON. Security is intrinsic since JDE account information is required to get a request token and applied to all requests to access forms. As an example, I just built a JAVA app that logged into JDE, ran P01012 and displayed a list of address book records. The only required integration information was a URI, user and password.

Perhaps the notion of Fusion is becoming clearer ....


PS: I got to hang out with Dan Bohner for the week and he helped a Collab noob (me) have an awesome experience. Thanks Dan, the mayor of the JDE development community.
Thanks for the report. So many new things I need to learn... I am still not entirely up to speed on all the old "new" things.
Good to hear on the new developments. AIS seems to be interesting.

Thanks for starting this post-Collaborate thread, Craig. The conference featured the artwork and inspiration of Erik Wahl, as well as an excellent "re-energize" session musical performance by MO5AIC. Plus it was a great chance to meet up with friends and make new friends. Collaborate 2016 is again going to be at Mandalay Bay from April 10-14, 2016.

Along with the AIS subject mentioned above, Oracle will also be releasing this month a new visual Work Center Load Review calendar, which graphically represents both WC capacity and load, with quick links to view and edit WC Resource Units and scheduled WO's. This new application is not an FDA object, but a new object that utilizes ADF technology, and is callable directly from a menu (or probably also an E1 Page). Very cool stuff for those of you who use Manufacturing. WC Load Review.JPG
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Heard a rumour that E1 9.2 will be released somewhere in May-June 2015. Anyone else got to know about it?
Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
IoT wearables....what we have in that?
IoT wearables... There's a lot going on! One of the POC's was done with Google Glasses - for Warehouse Management. The person with Google Glasses just needs to tap on his glass to scan the inventory/shipment to ship across or count in, OR to help guide him to the location of the shipment. Recent POCs were done using Gear watches, and Nike+ sensor devices.
Cool, I'd go just to hang out and learn from DBohner, Craig_Welton, Boster, and DSuave (as well as those Oracle guys that do all the YouTube training videos). Maybe you guys could convince Oracle to set up a Developers Center that we could go in and "Try It". Could you imagine how many more developers would flock to this!

Ben again,
Hi Graig,
do you know if a tutorial or guide exists for creating a demo Java app that logs in JDE, runs P01012 and displays a list of address book records like the one you have managed to create? I would like to replicate your experience and share fully your enthusiasm.
I was only able to find tutorials for creating mafs for jdeveloper ios on Oracle website but unfortunately i don't have a MAC handy.
Thanks Craig sharing this HOT news. Its a time for new learning. Hope this new MAF/AIS will help our JDE development community in terms of job.
Late response, been busy - sorry.....


I have always been one of those "Traditional" JDE Developers - almost wholly within the standard toolset (FDA, RDA, TDA, ... you know the acronyms)... Conceptualizing the new stuff is sometimes a challenge for my old brain...

The whole Rest/JSON through AIS to E1 really simplifies the future for us. Basically, using the existing forms and processes inside E1, and mapping them across to the REST server to the mobile device. I didn't get a chance to attend any of the courses that did the walk-throughs, but Gurbinder Bali did one heck of a great sales pitch. Here's to praying the future will be as simplified as he sells it (usually, G's word is).

I've been asked to put together a "Dummies" guide to the new process - and I'm reaching into Oracle for a little help. Chances are - I'll be reaching out to folks like Craig and a few others, that have a solid understanding of the services early ... and begging for input as the guide progresses. I'll plant a new thread - when the guide gets to the point were we need a QnA and FAQ for it all.

Next year - I'll try to get a "JDEList AMA" type session. Basically, let you guys select the JDE Gurus from a list of attendees - and have a Reddit style "Ask Us Anything" type session... I think the idea would fun and helpful (and I'm willing to put in some nice prizes to get more involvement). Putting four or five 'JDE List Selected Gurus' at the front of the room - and let the attendees bounce quick questions (or just complain)... Thoughts?

On a personal note - my wife and I got to hang with Craig W and his better-half during #C15LV - Man, they are fun! We are looking forward to #C16LV, already! I'd post pictures, but I don't want our secret identities released to the wild.

Cool, I'd go just to hang out and learn from DBohner, Craig_Welton, Boster, and DSuave (as well as those Oracle guys that do all the YouTube training videos). Maybe you guys could convince Oracle to set up a Developers Center that we could go in and "Try It". Could you imagine how many more developers would flock to this!

Ben again,

Thanks Ben - and I'm working on pushing 'something new' for C16LV...
Hey BB - You gonna come join a few of us at Collaborate, this year? #C16LV