Jde IoT Orchestration with Cloud IOT service

Abhishek Chhajer

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I am able to run orchestration using soap and Orchestration client.
Now, I am trying to use out of box integration for jde orchestration in Cloud IOT. Somehow connection is not established with Jde orchestration. Any pointers?
Test your Orchestrator connection with Postman. Make sure you can access the AIS server. Then find the orchestration and pass JSON, via Postman, to the Orchestration in JDE. You will receive a message if there was success or failure. Here's a link to the Postman plugin / app https://www.getpostman.com/
Connection is working well. Used SOAP UI to Test the same.
Same when provided in oracle IOT service doesn't work. So the issue.
what does your JSON look like? What is the message that is returned when you try to test on JSON payload via SOAP UI? What is your connection URI? What is the rest URI that you are using to consume the Orchestration?