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human resource

  1. R

    Organizational Chart in JD Edwards 9.1

    Hello, Is there any better way or approach in order to extract the organizational chart data from JD Edwards? I do know that by default it is based on the supervisor perspective and, as far as I could see, it is possible to begin from the top until the third level. On P08713W we have the view...
  2. Rauf

    Talent Management in JD Edwards 8.12

    Can I have guess the Talent Management is exist in JD Edwards 8.12 or should I create custom module for it ? Please have a look at the following case, I just want the following, - Yearly, employees need to fill a form to rate himself/herself on two categories, a. Performance 1. Criteria 1 (1 to...
  3. P

    Using Human Resource/ Human Capital Management in other countries

    We are looking at expanding the usage of the HR/HCM modules throughout all of our company. This include Europe and Mexico where we have extensive operations. My job is to determine what is and is not feasible in the implementation both in the US and other countries. Has anyone implemented...
  4. Rauf

    More details in Supplemental Data

    What is the best way to add more details in Supplemental Data table. I used RMK, RMK2, RMK3 already. Now, I need to store one more text data. For example, Employee/Education Supplemental Data I used RMK for Degree Name RMK2 for University RMK3 for Country (of University) Now I need to store...