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    Converting 3 Years of History - Leaving F0911 BLANK/ Empty

    We are converting/upgrading 3 years of historical, transactional data from JDE 8.12 on the AS/400 to JDE 9.2 on Oracle 12c. There is a multitude of data integrity issues from the past 8 years of processing on JDE 8.12. So, this has become a hybrid project, whereby it's more like a net new...
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    F42119 - need ObjAcct and SubAcct!

    Hello JDE Gurus! I need to extract data from the F42119 table and include the OBJACCT and SUBACCT fields as well. Basically I am trying to take detailed sales ledger data + the GL accounts where this data was posted. Right now I am trying to get that GL accounts from the F0911 table but my...
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    Comon Causes of F0911 vs F0902 Out of balance?

    Looking for Input... Recently saw several F0902 Balances that did not match against the F0911 GL Detail. Struggling to figure out how that happens. - I found the batches - and there were no errors, WC Messages or Logs - SQL the Sum for a Period, and the Detail did not match the period...