F42119 - need ObjAcct and SubAcct!


Hello JDE Gurus! I need to extract data from the F42119 table and include the OBJACCT and SUBACCT fields as well. Basically I am trying to take detailed sales ledger data + the GL accounts where this data was posted. Right now I am trying to get that GL accounts from the F0911 table but my JOINS between the tables are not working successfully. Has anyone else done this? I only have access to SQL so no JDE tools. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

You don't mention what fields you are using in your joins; that would help us to try to determine what's going wrong or why they are not working successfully.

Depending on how the users have the processing options set on Sales Update - R42800, this may not be possible. If the Summarization tab is set to summarize GL entries, you will not have a record in the F0911 for each line of the invoice.
You can explore linking the SDODOC in the F42119 to the GLODOC in the F0911 and then find the GLAID.