Converting 3 Years of History - Leaving F0911 BLANK/ Empty


We are converting/upgrading 3 years of historical, transactional data from JDE 8.12 on the AS/400 to JDE 9.2 on Oracle 12c.

There is a multitude of data integrity issues from the past 8 years of processing on JDE 8.12. So, this has become a hybrid project, whereby it's more like a net new implementation than an upgrade.

Because the business has never used JDE's G/L on 8.12 as their financials book of record, it has become corrupted, so they do not want to convert/upgrade it to 9.2.

They instead, want to start with a blank/empty F0911 and F0902. They don't even want to do beginning balances entires. Just empty F0911 & F0902.

I've never done this and have never heard of anyone else doing it. My concern is that we will have 3 years of A/R and A/P transactions, with no supporting G/L transactions supporting them.

Also, when the first G/L transactions, in the new 9.2 get generated, what would be the expected results when the system attempts to write and post to empty F0911/F0902?

I would greatly appreciate any comments on this approach!!
This is difficult to answer because your company may have a set of requirements I'm not aware of. From what you state, you should treat this as a new implementation. If you want to maintain integrity in the system you MUST have F0902 balances that match the open AP and open AR. Keep a copy of the 8.12 system for inquiries into historical AP and AR. Convert only the open AP and AR through z-files where the matching GL records are the trade accounts. I actually use a subsidiary of the GL trade account. Example: instead of 1.1500 AR Trade, I use 1.1500.CON AR Trade conversion. You will bring minimum GL balances through the F0911Z1 and it must be in balance. It will include the open AR and open AP but they will be in the ".CON" accounts. After posting all z-files, the ".CON" will balance to zero and you should have a starting balance in the trade accounts that match your AP and AR system. There is much more to meet the eye here. To answer your concern and last question: YES, you should be concerned about having no supporting GL transactions. If you do have empty F0911 and F0902 files to start, the only issue is the integrity issue.

If I was asked to create a system lacking integrity from the start, I would not be part of it.

1: Do they feed information (either manually or electronically) to the "Financial Book of Record" from JDE.
2: Will you be keeping a copy of the 8.12 database?

If #1 is yes then you will may have to do either #2 or convert for audit purposes.