enterprise server

  1. E9.2 USER roles

    Hi Guys 1. I would like to know where i can get history table of changes made to a Role? 2. Does it show Show PC and IP of where a person was logged when changes were made?
  2. E1 Enterprise MTR for 9.1

    Does anyone have the MTR for Enterprise servers for 9.1? I don't have access to Oracle Support and am trying to verify that my I-Series (V7R2) is up to speed. Thanks.
  3. XML request is killing the Enterprise Server

    Hi, we have a custom middleware that process interop with JDE 9.1 via XML Request, we have the logic to reuse the session generated for each user, after some time the server doesn't response anymore to xml requests, but still works for web client. In the server manager the errors looks like...
  4. Enterprise Server Installation

    I'm trying to install enterprise server. Facing the following issue I've installed Deployment server and Oracle database server 12cr1 successfully. I'm able to login to database server with sysadmin credentials using sqlPlus. But when I use the same credentials here, its not working. 1...
  5. Re-Installation of Enterprise & Database Server in Existing JDE 9.1 Instance

    Hello All, We have installed JDE 9.1 instance with below configuration. DEP Server- Windows 2008 R2 (64 Bit Machine) Enterprise server & Oracle Database on same machine – Windows 2008 R2 (64 Bit machine) HTML server Due to some issues E1 server C drive got exhausted(only 30 MB space...