E1 Enterprise MTR for 9.1

Does anyone have the MTR for Enterprise servers for 9.1? I don't have access to Oracle Support and am trying to verify that my I-Series (V7R2) is up to speed.



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Which exact tools release are you on? From what I can see V7R2 support started with tools 9.1.4.x and is also supported on the latest 9.2.4.x.
I'm specifically looking for the 9.1 MTR for the I-series - Java runtime, ANSI C Compiler and Required License Programs. I am running what originally came with the 9.1 install - I can upgrade to 9.1.4, but would still need the above information.



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I don't think 9.1.4 is available for download. 9.1.5 maybe, but you might need to open an SR with Oracle to get an archive download location.

The below MTR is for both 9.1.4 and 9.1.5.

Operating Systems (1 Item)

IBM i on POWER Systems
1 Version(7.2)

Management and Development Tools (3 Items)

IBM ILE C 1 Release(7.2)
IBM JDK 1 Release(1.6.0)
Oracle JDK 6 Releases(1.6.0_11,1.6.0_10,1.6.0_06,1.6.0_05,1.6.0_04,1.6.0_03)

As for the list of licensed programs and PTFs etc for 7.2, that information is published by IBM. The below link might be what you are looking for.


I hope this gets you what you need... Good Luck!