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    Call C# DLL from a JDE C BSFN

    Hello, We have a need to manipulate the Active Directory Network properties and therefore, i wrote a C# DLL to do the same. I am calling the DLL from a C BSFN in the standard way (LoadLib, GetProcAddress, etc.). However, when i call the actual function and pass strings, the C function crashes...
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    Copy sales master business function B4200311

    Hello, Can i make copy of master business function by copying code into B57 object .c and .h file . I dont want to mess up csales dll so created custom dll but getting problem for those bsfn which are static in b4200310 and reside in only csales dll can i call those static function from custom...
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    EnterpriseOne 9.0 C business function running on local web and not running on web ser

    We have made changes to the B4600200 to accept alternate method codes. When we run the R46171 locally in batch versions it calls the N4600290 which in turn calls the B4600200 and everything works perfectly. When we built to DEV it does not work. There are no errors in the build but it does...