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    Can't find source for some functions (e.g. AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData)

    Hello all! I'm debugging a business function and I've come across a function in it called AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData. Is there any way to see where this function is defined? I've built COBLIB, COBJLIB, CCUSTOM, CALLBSFN, and I can't figure out where it is. I can't even right-click -> Go To...
  2. K

    JDE Upgrade development process standard templates

    Hi, Do we have standard templates for development process to track the objects from old to new versions in a JDE Upgrade from 9 to 9.2. Regards, Krishna
  3. R

    JDE Mobile Apps development environment

    Hi, I would like to know what are the tools and software we need for JDE mobile apps development. We have installed AIS server and tested successfully with Oracle provided JDE mobile apps. But for new development what we need to install and configure. Here is my understanding. 1. ADF needs...
  4. A

    Headerless Detail Form

    Hi everyone, I created one application P554206A (header less detail form) using Business View V554206A Table is F4206. Primary key in table DOCO,DCTO KCO and DOC. The user wants one report R554206 on OK button of the application so that once user completed with data entry user wants whatever...
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    Report in row Format

    Hi Everyone, Recently I got one report requirement from the retail department in which they required total amount of sales of each individual branch of a particular date and report should be in raw format (please see attached format). This is no update report and using table F4211. I tried this...
  6. E

    Get Media Object in BSFN

    I'm building an new Business Function to create a CSV export file. Therefor I need to retrieve a Media Object from F00165. In contrast to the UBE, for a BSFN there is no System Function available for getting Media Objects. What is the best way to get the Media Object textfile? We are using E1...