1. KoalaBaby

    E9.2 How to Capture XDO BI Logs

    The XML Publisher kernel has two separate sets of logs that you need to capture depending on the issue you are troubleshooting: Enable Logging: Login to Server Manager Management Console. From Dashboard / Managed Homes / Managed Instances choose the EnterpriseOne Enterprise Server where the BI...
  2. AOS_PEI

    E9.2 While the BI Bulisher server is running activConsole.exe stops working

    Hi Guys BI Bulisher stopped working when the local fat client P95620 ran Only one independently developed UBE will have this phenomenon, and the other programs will run normally I am a novice and I hope you will give me your opinion thanks.
  3. E9.1 Convert JDE 9.1 CreateForm to 9.2 BIP

    We are using CreateForm Director for printing requirement. Now are are in progress to convert from 9.1 to 9.2 and from CreateForm to BIP. Is there anybody has similar setup and share their experience? Thanks 9.1 TR
  4. MFreitag

    BI Publisher / Weblogic / FMW not using my custom -Xms -Xmx settings

    Hi all, i don't know what's wrong with my setup but i can't get it to work, so i'm turning to you :) I basically want to increase the -Xms and -Xmx Settings for my bi_server1, which is a Business Intelligence Publisher instance used for EnterpriseOne. Version is, patched to latest...
  5. BIPublisher Supress Email on Blank pdf

    How do I prevent the BIPublisher from bursting a blank PDF to a customer requesting nightly copies. This job is set up in scheduler to run nightly and reprints pickslipd fof the customer and emails it to them.
  6. cazzafed

    Report of all jobs that are scheduled

    Hello, In advance, sorry for my bad English. Is there a report that lists all the reports that are scheduled to run? We had a problem where the executions were stopped and we want to try to find out which reports should have been executed.... Regards...
  7. E9.2 BI Publisher wrong decimal separator

    Hello, I do have an extremely strange problem with the xml output of BI Publisher. I use the xml template to generate payment files for the EMEA localisation. The decimal separator is configured to be a "." on the xml template level, which has always worked so far and also works in the test...
  8. E9.2 Hide Section tag in UBE XML output

    HI, I have requirement in clone of R42565 to do custom level break on F4211.SHAN after existing break on F4211.PTC. I'm able to do just by adding the F42565.SHAn to detail line 1 sequecning and applying level break right after the PTC level break. But i want to be able to control the section...
  9. Output Management software - Quadira Advanced Forms

    We installed and implemented this output management solution. We had Create!form before. Advanced Forms software is the best I have seen for JDE. It works easy and has all features needed. Also distribution possibilities. We can even reduce development costs because we can add extra fields to...
  10. Get parent node tag only if it exists

    Hi everyone, I'am struggling with something. I have a xml file where there are 2 invoices. For each invoice there is a SHAN tag. There is also a tag MSG0809_DS01_ID263 taht is in the 1st invoice, but not the second. It looks like this: <R574256A> <Numero_de_Facture_LBH_DOC_S6> ...
  11. BI Publisher Import the Entire JDE Report into RFT Template

    Hi All, Is there an easy way to import the entire JDE report as it is to a RFT template without have to insert one by one? We don't need to reformat the report but just wanted to take advantage of the BI Burstingand Delivery. Thanks PD
  12. Designing BIPublisher template for Work order print - R31415

    Hey list Due to some technical reasons, we had to urgently create a R31415 based BIPublisher template. I am able to generate the XML file as well as to build the initial WO print (showing WO detail info, parts list and routing info). However, when multiple orders are selected, the sections...
  13. Bi Publisher Multiple Copies and WaterMarks

    This one has got me! After viewing several pieces on the web along with post here on this JDELIST from 05-12-2012 jaxnz, I have not got this to work. It is putting out 3 blank pages, so it must be looping thru, but no data. I would appreciate some help with the attachments (I have an...